Ask anyone in the world what food is Buffalo, New York famous for and you know they will tell you the chicken wing.

Legend has it that the Buffalo Wing was invented back in 1964 when Teressa Bellissimo fried up some chicken wings for her son Dominic and his friends on a Friday night. She tossed them in butter and hot sauce and the wing was born.

But, Buffalo is home to so much more amazing food. We asked people in Western New York on social media to tell us their favorite "Buffalo" food that was not a wing.


Here are the Top 5 answers that we got.


This amazing sandwich is simple and delicious. A "Beef on Weck" is short for hand-craved roast beef soaked in au jus sauce, topped with horseradish served on a salted kimmelweck roll. Most places in Buffalo will serve this sandwich with 5 wings or a side of fries.



This a staple for many Catholics in Western New York during the Lent season when they are not supposed to eat meat on Fridays. But this tasty dish has gone from a Lent-only dish to being served year-round. Most places in Buffalo will serve you a fish fry that literally hangs over your plate.

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Chicken Finger Sub

I was shocked to learn that the Chicken Finger Sub is mainly only served in Western New York. Growing up in West Seneca, we used to order chicken finger subs at least once a week. When I moved down South, they had no idea what it was. Most times in Buffalo, you can get your chicken finger sauced up like you do your wings.


No, a "Stringer" sub doesn't sting you. The Stinger sub is a combo sub. It is part steak and part chicken finger, hence the name "St (for the streak) inger (for the chicken finger)". Think of a stinger sub as a Philly Cheese with chicken fingers.


Pizza eggrolls? Yep, that is exactly what pizza logs are. A mini pizza served inside an egg roll. You won't find these anywhere else besides Western New York.

Now that we have shown you some amazing Buffalo food besides wings, here are some other foods we wish we could claim here in Buffalo.

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