Things are getting a little tense ahead of the Buffalo Bills playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

One radio station in Pittsburgh is now asking Steeler fans to ban eating Buffalo's most famous export, the chicken wing.

So if people who live in Pittsburgh are going to avoid eating wings, what would we here in Western New York have to give up to have the same effect?

The first thing that comes to mind would be ketchup. Heinz, who is known for making ketchup and other condiments is headquartered in Pittsburg and has ties to the Steelers and used to own the naming rights to their stadium. Of course, when you think of Heniz, you don't think of Pittsburgh like you do with Buffalo and wings.

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The other thing to give up would be a "Pittsburgh Salad". While not as popular as wings, a "Pittsburgh Salad" is any salad that you top with french fries. I will admit, I have done this several times and it is good.

So if we go with no fries on our salad this week, and Steeler fans give up wings, I think we get the MUCH BETTER end of that deal!

All I can say is Go Bills and get me some blue cheese because I am going to eat extra wings with fries this week.

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