Left the house today with a to-do-list for my two daughters, Joelle and Jacqueline.  Will they do them or not? Well, it's summer break and that means the house will be clean when I get home, right?  I know...don't laugh too loudly! :)

wonder chores

Hopefully, this post will prompt them.  I'll let you know tomorrow.

But, kids should do chores, right?  It builds character, they adjust to a working life, better, and it's what our folks made us do, so hey! The Center for Parenting Education says yep.  The site also has some tips on how to motivate our kids, even the teens!

Here are some other prompts--Pinterest printable chore lists from for grade schoolers, and another for teens.

Of course once the kids are done, it's time to play.  Here's a list of cool Buffalo summer break events, post-chores.  For the younger ones and the teens and older (yes, we should reward ourselves as well.

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