April 22nd is Earth Day (see below for some random Earth Day facts).  So we should try to reduce the amount of materials we waste, right?  First thing that comes to mind is usually paper.  Why not save on paper and packaging when mailing stuff...when all you really need is a marker and some postage!

If radio has done nothing for me, it's contributed to millions of random pieces of senseless, useless trivia that float through my brain on a daily basis...and one of them is:  you can actually mail a potato through the USPS.

It's true. You can mail lots of weird stuff without a box.  All you need is an address and the right amount of postage.  Seriously.

So...wanna give it a fun try?

Mail us a potato! Or anything else listed below (or with the link above...click the word "seriously")!

The Mix Morning Rush - Laura Daniels & Eric Jordan
c/o Townsquare Media
14 Lafayette Square, Suite 12
Buffalo, NY 14203

Besides a potato, what else can you mail with the right postage and without a box?

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