Just across the border in Ontario, Canada, a ten-year-old boy, thanks to a bit of help from dad, is making a big difference in the lives of animals across the globe.

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WGRZ put with this heart-warming story about Kashton Weinber, who has raised thousands of dollars for animals impacted by the Australian fires.

While running a thriving business selling crafts and donating proceeds to animals, 10-year-old Kaston "Kash" Weinber is making pouches for animals impacted by Australia's fires...With the help of his father, Kash learned woodworking skills at age 7.  He decided to try and sell his woodworks and donate 100-percent of proceeds back to organizations and shelters helping animals.

It seems Kash has always has been protective of all animals, and when the disaster in Australia struck it spurred his action.

Here is a link, if you want to check out Kash's work or place an order.

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