Since the Coronavirus pandemic started people have been wary of going to hospitals for fear of infection. ECMC has come up with a "Virtual" solution.

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Dr. David Ellis has been involved in telemedicine for many years. He’s part of the team that launched a ‘virtual emergency room’ at ECMC and discussed it in an interview with WIVB-TV.

“In emergency medicine, the goal is to get to somebody – get to them quick – identify their problems and take care of them,” Ellis explained. “The technology has been incredibly effective in doing that and reaching out to families who call on our ECMC virtual visits.”

This is for people with symptoms of the flu, sinus infections, or even suspected COVID-19.

Patients can schedule a visit through the hospital's website and from there, they’ll be assessed and, if needed, asked to come in for additional treatment.

“We can do the full gamut of care that we normally do in the emergency department,” Ellis said. “Many times – a good proportion of the time – we’re able to take care of the problem right there. We can talk to the patient, make sure they have what they need.”

This system has been in use for the past week at ECMC. As part of the new "normal" Ellis said he expects this to be used even after this pandemic is over.

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