The holidays are over and Santa was very good to you and your family...but now..your tripping over things just getting ready for work. What do you do with all this stuff?  Whether its clothes or kid's toys, new or the gently used ones.

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We're told that 6 out of 10 of us say we have, quote, "too much stuff."  And roughly a third of us say they have ANXIETY over the mess in our house.

Maybe you have one closet, drawer, or room  "filled with stuff I no longer want or need".

More than one-third of Americans (37%) say they've experienced "extreme anxiety" due to a messy or disorganized home, closet or garage. More than one in five (21%) said they've actually lost sleep for this reason.

How you go about tackling this, according to those in the know...depends on your age and gender...

  • More than one-third (38%) of Americans said that simplifying their life and "accumulating less stuff" is one of their New Year's resolutions for 2020.

  • Gen Xers are a little more likely to "regift" their holiday gift rejects -- 32% plan to give unwanted holiday presents as gifts, vs. 28% of Americans overall.

  • Women are slightly more likely than men to regift: 30% said they'd regift unwanted presents, vs. 25% of men.

  • Men are more likely than women to just hold onto unwanted gifts:  26%, vs. 19% of women.

It seems that the relationship with our possessions is changing.

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