When you think about life's most stressful moments you might think that the death of a loved one and maybe divorce would make the list...NOPE.  But a dead PHONE BATTERY did.

And WHAT you might ask were some of the others? Well, since you asked...

1.  Losing your job or starting a new job.

2.  Moving to a new home.

3.  Planning a wedding/getting married

6.  Having your phone die when you're lost.

7.  Having a child. LESS stressful than not having a phone. (somehow I think NOT) 

9.  Meeting your significant other's parents for the first time.

Wait what about proposing, or having no power for 10 days in the winter, or waiting in a back-up because the Skyway is closed...or...or...being caller 10 or 12 when the Breeze radio guy asks for caller 11?

For a more complete list check out the survey here.



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