If you are a worrier....constantly concerned about things than may never happen...Here is news that might improve your outlook.

Researchers (at Penn State University) wanted to see how much of the stuff we worry about really happens.

So they asked people with Generalized Anxiety Disorder to write down everything they worried about for a 10 day period.  They subsequently checked on how many of those worries came true.

The result?  91.4% of the stuff people worried about didn't come true . . . only 8.6% did.  In other words, less than one in 10 things you worry about is probably worth worrying about.


Higher percentages of untrue worries significantly predicted lower GAD [General Anxiety Disorder] symptoms after treatment, as well as a greater slope of symptom reduction from pre- to post-trial.

The takeaway from all this is that worrying is amounts to nothing.



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