When was the last time you browsed your photos on your computer, your emails, or old documents . . .(thinking, thinking) EXACTLY either "you can't remember" or "never".  No wonder your computer is running slow.

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A new study found over half of us let all of our photos, songs, and other files pile up . . . to the point that we've never deleted a SINGLE FILE from any of our devices.


52% of Americans said they've never deleted a file.  And 33% are holding onto stuff that's more than 10 years old.


Here are four more quick stats on our inability to let go of our digital junk . . .

  •    We're worried we might need them someday.  Because they hold memories or      have sentimental value.
  •    We've transferred old files to another device to avoid deleting them.
  •   On average, about 25% of your storage is devoted to old, unnecessary files.
  •   We don’t think our content is safe from deletion or prying eyes in the cloud.

(NY Post)

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