According to the Cheektowaga Chronicle, there's something foul in the air.

Now, I've lived in Cheektowaga my whole life, and I didn't notice lately. But, you know what they say about smells, you get used to them and don't notice after a while.

That, or I just have a terrible sense of smell. And given how many diapers I've changed over the last 8 years of my life, I'm OK with that.

Real People: Headshot Caucasian Young Adult Woman Holding Nose Odor
Jani Bryson

The Cheektowaga Chronicle reports that last week, residents were complaining of a manure-like smell. According to their article, "Just under a half-an-inch of rain fell that day [August 22] causing the Town to discharge millions of gallons of overflow discharge into Scajaquada Creek according to the Department of Environmental Conservation."

Apparently, to my nose it's like "same ----, different day." Anyhow, in case you were wondering if it was just YOU, it wasn't!

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