More than half of us apparently don't trust what the labels say on our foods.  Some of the words and phrases on labels are just marketing.  (Study: YouGov Omnibus)

Consumers walking down the aisles of a grocery store often face brightly colored packaging, wafting scents, and tough choices. By simply picking up a food item, shoppers are asking themselves several questions at once: Is the nutrition worth the price? How much do I value nutrition pitted against other factors such as ease of preparation or cost? Do I trust the labels on the packaging?

Just because something is listed as "all natural" doesn't necessarily mean it is healthy.

Consumers were asked about the following terms and whether they thought that it made a product healthier.  Check out the DON'T TRUST answers:

  • Lite -  Don't Trust = 50/50
  • Healthy - Don't Trust = 47%
  • Low Sugar - Don't Trust = 41%
  • Fresh - Don't Trust = 31%
  • Organic - Don't Trust = 40%

Cost and ease of preparation is what most of us look for first, when choosing food products.



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