Above are some of the calls we received from all over WNY about your experiences with ghosts.

Eric Jordan couldn't be convinced about them being real (I'm a true believer for sure!) and we were blown away by how many of you have had ghostly experiences!  Here are some more stories from the text line:

Mary / Wheatfield: Laura I absolutely believe in ghosts. My sister-in-law lives in an older house. They have had different Eerie things happened throughout the years hearing footsteps upstairs when no one what's up there. [She was watching] my son for me. She heard a noise in the other room and went to investigate when she returned my son was sitting on the floor smiling and holding his arms up as if there was somebody there any wanted us to pick him up.

Nichole  / Tonawanda: My daughter is 2 and just started talking and last year when she was a little over one a good friend of ours passed away his name was Ben... a couple weeks ago we were sitting out on the porch and my daughter was looking up towards the sky and out of no where said "bye Ben" and was looking at nothing and never really knew Ben because she was too young.  I totally believe in spirits and the reason kids have this kind of experience with spirits is because they are closer to the other side same with older people

Dan / Hamburg: My mom had a China cabinet that has very old family plates etc. it has a tap light. This thing will randomly go on and off fast and slow out of the blue. Not all the time. But you have to physically touch part of it to turn the light on. We're not crazy. Promise

Joanne / Tonawanda: I believe there are spirits in the world people that have passed away and not have moved on but there are definitely spirits in the world they do exist.  Kids can see spirits they have no fear and are happy so they are more in tune

Heather / W. Seneca: When I was 14 years old I had a cheerleading trip and we stayed in the Grand Island Hotel there were about 12 of us in the room... it was late at night to early morning we were just quietly hanging around. The room instantly got freezing cold to the point where teeth were chattering and we all saw a huge shadow of a man and a clock with a giant hat, kind of like Abraham Lincoln. We had no idea at the time that this hotel had a history of activity like that. Years later I read a book about haunted Buffalo and I got chills when I read the description of the old manager of that hotel who is rumored to appear in people's rooms.

Michelle / Williamsville: I'm unsure if I believe in ghosts or not. I've never experienced seeing or feeling something, but not sure I really want to, lol. Anyway, I went on a ghost hunt and we're all sitting in the dark in one of the rooms and we hear the ceiling creeking. Everyone is all "oh, Ghost X is here" and I'm all "um, how do you know that is not just this 100 year old house settling?" So I'm skeptical, but can't say I don't believe they exist. I just have not had an experience.

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