We're still about four and half months away from Halloween and the spooky season across New York State, which is one of the best regions in the country for the month of October. That's because New York State has perfect fall foliage and temperatures to get into the spooky spirit.

But you don't have to wait for Halloween to get into the horror and mysterious theme. Stranger Things season 4 just dropped on Netflix, and if you have seen part one of the new season, you know it's even more dark and horror than the previous three seasons.

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There are plenty of places that are said to be haunted across the State of New York.

You have probably heard the tales of the Amityville Horror House, Rolling Hills Asylum and Iron Island Museum; as well as Sleepy Hollow Museum, which is the inspiration for the famous Ichabod Crane and Headless Horsemen story.

But most people don't realize there's a cemetery that is also said to be haunted with a dark past.

Located in South Wales, NY (about 30 minutes south of the City of Buffalo), lies the Goodleburg Cemetery.

Goodleburg Cemetery was an active cemetery from 1811 to 1927. The cemetery is located on Goodleburg Road off Vermont Hill Road in South Wales, and many early settlers from Wales, NY call it a final resting place.

What's interesting about this cemetery is that it was quiet and non-famous for decades, until the '90s, when stories of a "Lady in White" spread in the nearby communities, as well as a man named Albert Speaker.

Speaker was a doctor in the area who is said to be responsible for the deaths of an undisclosed number of women and their unborn babies due to his practice. His spirit is said to haunt the cemetery, keeping people away and the sounds of babies crying, according to Only in Your State.

Not to mention haunted happenings such as hellhounds and much more.

Real tragedy took place at the cemetery in June of 2003, when a paranormal investigator from Western New York was killed by an oncoming car late at night. The road the cemetery lies on does not have adequate lighting and features blind sports.

My mom grew up in Wales, NY and knew of the cemetery as a kid. Its stories are known with locals and some Buffalo residents, but many across the state don't know this supposedly haunted cemetery exists.

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