Do women really care about today's  "Big Game"? I did an informal survey with some of my female friends to see what piqued their interest:

  • The commercials
  • Game day home parties
  • Female officiating
  • The game itself

According to AdAge...

Toyota, Bumble, Procter & Gamble's Olay and Michelob Ultra are among the brands featuring women in lead roles in their Super Bowl ads...

Considering nearly half of the Super Bowl audience is female, the shift certainly makes sense. Last year, 48.6 million women watched the Super Bowl, accounting for 47 percent of the 103.4 million viewers.

You may have been as surprised as i was at those statistics!  Interesting too:

Bumble, the social networking app where women make the first move, is making women—both in front of and behind the camera—a cornerstone of its Super Bowl campaign. Not only does the spot star tennis pro Serena Williams, but the team who created the ad was predominantly comprised of women.

Female celebrities set to star in this years commercials include: Kristin Chenoweth, Christina Applegate, and Sarah Jessica Parker reprising her role from "Sex In The City".


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