Even though the Buffalo Bills are not in the Super Bowl this year, chances are that you will be hosting or having a "Big Game" party on Sunday.

People in Western New York love to get together to watch the game, the commercials, and of course root for the 49ers to beat the Chiefs.

No Big Game Party would be complete without some amazing pizza. Many pizzerias in Western New York are urging people to order ahead of the big game so that orders can be properly prepared for.

So if you are going to have pizza at your party, here are some of the best places in Western New York to order a pie from.


With two locations, Santora's is known for making a true Buffalo pizza. The good news is that if you have foodies coming to your party, they have a lot of different options of pizzas. From Bacon Chicken to Stuffed Hot Pepper pizzas, there will be a pizza for everyone at your party.


Named one of the best pizzerias in the county by Food and Wine Magazine, Bocce Club pizza is a little different from other Buffalo pizzas. They are more fluffy and have less crust than some other pizzas and of course, they are topped with cupped pepperoni, which is a Buffalo tradition.

Gino's NY Pizza

Located near the University of Buffalo on Main Street in Buffalo, Gino's is where people go if they want that New York City style of pizza. Large thin slices are what Gino's is known for. If you have friends in town from downstate for the "Big Game", they will feel like they are back home with a slice from Gino's.

Picasso's Pizza

A true Buffalo pizzeria, Picasso's has been serving their unique rectangle pizza for over 40 years. They also used the cupped pepperoni which is a Buffalo staple. They also deliver worldwide, so if you have any ex-Buffalonians living elsewhere, now is the time to order and ship them some amazing Buffalo pizza.

Jay's Artisan Pizza

If you are looking for a true Italian pizza, the place to go in Western New York is Jay's in Kenmore. Recently they were named one of the Top 30 best pizzerias in the entire World. They are known for their Neapolitan pizza.

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