You may not be a sports fan, and the "Big Game" may be the farthest thing from your mind, well except for the party, but here is a reason to get excited.

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Overtime almost happened last year and is far from a longshot, with two postseason games, one including Buffalo having already gone to OT. If that trend continues, everyone in the U.S. and Canada will win free wings on February 17 from 4-7 p.m. local time.

“Football fans love to have fun with our established connection to overtime, tweeting at us any time a game goes to extra time. That was taken to the next level last year when free wings were on the line, so we knew we had to bring this program back,” said Seth Freeman, Chief Marketing Officer, Buffalo Wild Wings. “More football AND free wings? Now that’s something all football fans can get behind and root for on February 2!”

Vegas thinking America has approximately a 10% chance of winning free wings!

While February 2 marks the most important football game of the season, it’s also one of the busiest days for Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants for both dine-in and take-out. As America’s largest sports bar, hundreds of thousands of fans will pack into Buffalo Wild Wings across all 50 states, watching the game on more than 65,000 TVs.

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