We know that people talk about the irregular temperatures as being a result of climate change, but it turns out that climate change may affect us more than just an unexpected heat wave. 

A Canadian woman has become the first patient in the world to be diagnosed with climate change. 

The woman was having difficulty breathing, and she was unsure what was exactly the cause behind it. When she went to the hospital, doctors informed her that the symptoms she was experiencing were a direct result of climate change. 

She is the first patient to be diagnosed with these effects. 

The poor air quality and the heatwaves that Canada has been experiencing are major contributors for her ongoing health condition.

The woman is over 70 years old, and she finally made the trip to her doctor after Canada’s most recent heatwave.

Her doctor’s name is Dr. Kyle Merrit, and he has noted that the patient’s health problems are continuing to get worse and her hydration levels are unsteady. 

During her time receiving medical care, the Canadian woman has had to be cooled down with spray water bottles by a team of medical staff members, but as the doctor said, her health is still failing.

You may remember that there was a historic heatwave in Canada this summer, and it hasn’t exactly cooled off since. There were wildfires and record-breaking temperatures in the land of our neighbors, and experts have said that these wildfires have worsened the air quality beyond imaginable -- thus leading to this diagnosis. 

While the patient is said to have an underlying condition of asthma, her doctor felt that he had to include climate change as a direct cause of her condition because it would be wrong not to.

Next time you are having difficulty breathing, you may be facing the direct effects of climate change.

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