Buffalo is a special place.  So much so, that people are willing to ink it into their bodies to show the world how much they love it here.

You can take a person out of Buffalo, but you can't take Buffalo out of a person.  Once you've lived here, it becomes a part of you.  Obviously, when you get a tattoo that gives a nod to the City of Good Neighbors, it's physically a part of you too.

There are a couple of unwritten rules when it comes to tattoos.  One of the biggest is that it should mean something really important to you, or at the very least, it should tell a story.  You'd be surprised what stories you can get from people when you ask about their tattoos.

Over the years we've seen some pretty cool body art that shows just how much people love Buffalo.  Now with the internet, the rest of the world can see it too.

The big themes are the numbers "7-1-6" because that's our area code, a silhouette of a buffalo with a heart in the middle, and pretty much any of the sports teams (some include all of them...yes, even the Bandits).

Check out some of the greatest tattoos that show a little "Buffalove" right here:







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