In line with the State of Emergency in Erie County...all Erie County schools are closed until April 20.

That’s more than a month during which thousands of families will have to figure out childcare.

Now, district leaders are making plans for the massive effort of distributing 45-thousand meals a day that so many city kids rely on.


“This decision needs to be made, and it needs to be made decisively,” Kriner Cash (Superintendent of Buffalo Schools) said.

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Keeping kids safe is the number one priority, and now the Buffalo Public School District is tasked with still providing essential services.

“We estimate about 40 to 50 thousand meals will be provided daily. We’re prepared to do that starting as early as Tuesday,” Kriner Cash said.




Those meals, which will include that day’s lunch and the next day’s breakfast, will be distributed at the city’s 21 community schools for pickup. If a family or student can’t get to one….


“Just like the normal bus route occurs, you be near a bus stop, and we’ll have the food ready for you,” said Kriner Cash..

With the month-long closing of area schools there is the additional burden of childcare, which many families can’t afford.

Cash says he will consider keeping some community schools open for that reason, and he will be tapping into other agencies and churches for help with childcare.And, as for students with special needs, the district is still working out the details.


“The CSE team is meeting tomorrow to work out the individual plans for each student that has one. From moderate special needs to our most medically fragile, high need students.”


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