According to WIVB-TV Buffalo Public Schools have added another day off to the Thanksgiving weekend.

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At Wednesday night's meeting, the Board of Education approved the item — a day off, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving which will apply to all district employees.

“We have been thinking about you. We can feel all that you and your families have been going through over the past eight long and difficult months,” School Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash said. “Therefore, this gesture of our appreciation will give you and your families a chance to rest, reflect, and restore. We wish you faith, grace, and kindness for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.”

Also noted at Wednesday night's Board Meeting...

Staff in the Buffalo Public School District are no longer required to work in person two days a week.


Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kriner Cash made the determination on Wednesday after it was announced by the Governor that most of Erie County is going to an Orange zone designation. People will still have the option to work on-site, but only a quarter of the staff can be in the building at one time.

NOTE:  Food distribution sites will be open on Friday, Monday and Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. According to District officials, the extra day of distribution will allow the district to give out enough food for families to cover six days.

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