Now that it has been determined that Buffalo Public Schools will fully reopen in person, there are some final decisions that parents and students have been anxiously waiting for, and that's whether masks will be required or not. According to, a resolution has been passed that will allow schools to open five days a week with several safety precautions in place. This is good news for many parents because now, there is at least a plan in place that everyone can now count on. There have been so many different ideas floating around over the past few months that may have caused some confusion on what the plan actually was going to be.

Masks will be required for everyone in the school building, even if you are vaccinated. There will be social distancing rules and everyone will have assigned seats in schools and on busses.

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It is very important to adhere to the layered approach to the safety and protection of all of our staff and our students and that's what this resolution essentially supports.

said, Dr.Kriner Cash

Some of the new safety precautions include physical education classes be conducted outside when the weather is acceptable. Teachers should allow for as much social distancing as possible and allow for mask breaks for students. I like the plans that have been put in place and the fact that students can learn in school with their friends, but I have to admit this not going to be an easy task for teachers or students all year long if we continue to see cases rising.

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