The concept of Beer Yoga has been brewing for a while, and finally Western New Yorkers will have a chance to try it out for themselves.

West Shore Brewing Company in Clarence, NY will be holding a Beer Yoga event on August 26, from 11am - Noon. You can get all the details about the event, and register your spot here.

I have never participated in a Beer Yoga event myself, but I have taken classes with the instructor for the event, Clarence resident Angela Bottone, who is (in my opinion) local-famous for her accessible approach to yoga practice. In one of Angela's classes, you're likely to hear her say, "Smile! It's just yoga!"

Surely, smiling will be easier with some liquid courage, for those new to yoga.

According to the BBC, Beer Yoga has its roots (hops?) in Germany, before filtering through Asia and the United States.

If you can't quite picture how Beer Yoga works, here's a video from Insider.


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