Alix Rice Memorial Skate Park to open on August 4, 2018 in Amherst, NY.



It's been seven years since Alix Rice's death when she was tragically struck by a drunk driver on a midsummer's night eve. Alix was skateboarding on her way back home from work when a car driven by Dr. James Corasanti struck her. Dr, Corasanti was driving while intoxicated when he hit Alix and drove away according to Tammy Schueler. Alix's Mother and The Buffalo News.

According to The Buffalo News, 

"Corasanti faced five felony charges, including manslaughter, but the jury in a closely watched 2012 trial convicted him only of misdemeanor driving while intoxicated."

This skate park will allow skaters, bikers, and the like to be able to ride railings, and stairs. There will be a manual pad too. The pad has a peace sign on it to honor Rice. This 10,000 foot park is set to open August 4, 2018 at 1615 Amherst Manor Drive in Amherst, NY.



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