Since we are in the middle of 96.1 the Breeze "Spring Into Cash," thought it might be fun to think about what YOU could do if you win up to $5000 dollars.



Ignite on-line magazine has a list of nine.  We picked some choice ones for day-dreaming.

1) $5,000 could helps you take that trip of a lifetime.

 $5,000 is the exact amount I spent backpacking through Europe for 2 months... Travel is a great way to de-stress and grow as a person, and this money could help you live your dream.

2) You could start your own business.   Yes-YOU!

If you’ve got a special talent, skill, or idea then you can use the $5,000 to start your own business. By using the money to cover the business start-up costs, you can invest in your future and see some financial return over time.

3) How about buying some new gear.

Whether you are a techie or not $5,000 goes a long way when upgrading your technological arsenal. You can buy that new Macbook for surfing the web, an expensive new camera for your photography hobby

4) Or, what about the wardrobe of your dreams

Whether you’re starting a new job, or just want to dress to impress, $5,000 can go a long way in reinventing your look and refreshing your wardrobe. A new look can inspire the confidence you need to tackle that job, party, or outing.

There is also is also a list of 9 outrageous things you could do with the money if you win, just click here.

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