There are many unsolved cold cases in Buffalo and Western New York, but here are 6 that I'm highlighting. If you have any information that can help the police, please call the numbers listed below. Some of the cases are offering rewards.


Jaylen Griffin - Missing Since August 4, 2020

Jaylen, who was 12-year-old when he disapeared, was last seen after taking a walk with his new puppy, according to People Magazine. His mother Joann Ponzo said that Jaylen told her that he was headed back outside.

"It wasn't unusual. We live near a few stores and he would carry people's bags, and they'd give him change."

His family has not seen him since that morning. Jaylen was born April 22, 2008, making him 13-years-old now. He is a Black male with black hair and brown eyes. Jaylen is 5 feet, 3 inches tall and weighs 145 pounds. If you have seen Jaylen or know anything about his disappearance, call or text the Buffalo Police confidential tip line at 716-847-2255 or call 911.

Tonya Harvey

Tonya was shot and killed on February 6, 2018, on Shepherd Street in Buffalo. Her mother, Arnester Harvey, told Spectrum News,

"There is still no justice. We want justice. Our community is not safe, we're not safe. So, we're asking for justice."

Tonya was a transgender woman and her loved ones believe that is why she was targeted. Please contact Crime Stoppers WNY at 716-867-6161 if you have any info about her death.

Ja'haira Taylor

Ja'haira was killed June 1, 2011, in the apartment where her mother, Adriana C. Duncan, and her mother's boyfriend, Quinn Lewis, lived. It was located in the 400 block of Clinton Street in Buffalo. The 20-month-old girl died from "multiple blunt force injuries to her abdomen," according to the Buffalo News. Her murder happened not long after her father, who lives in Syracuse, was involved in a custody battle with Ja'haira's mother. She had been left in the care of Lewis and a 5-year-old boy, who according to a report from the New York Office of Children and Family Services, was not supposed to be left alone with her. Even though Ja'haira was visibly injured, Lewis did not seek medical attention for her. No one has been charged with the toddler's death. If you have any info that can help police solve this cold case, call or text the Buffalo Police confidential tip line at 716-847-2255 or call 911.

Manse “Bobby” Hall

Bobby was killed on April 15, 2000. His murder took place at Box Avenue and Kehr Street in Buffalo, according to WIVB. A $7,000 reward is being offered for information regarding Bobby's murder. Contact Crime Stoppers WNY at 716-867-6161.

Lairon Graham

Lairon was shot and killed on July 31, 2018. He was murdered on Lark Street in Buffalo, according to WIVB. Contact Crime Stoppers Buffalo at 716-867-6161 if you have any info.

Credit: WIVB

Lee Holland

Lee was killed on July 25, 2018, on Northumberland Avenue in Buffalo. The 20-year-old was sitting in a vehicle when he was shot, according to Spectrum News.

Credit: WGRZ

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