Jason Evrard, 27, of Wheatfield is wanted by Niagara County Sheriff's Deputies on felony animal cruelty charges after throwing a small dog to the floor and breaking it's pelvis.

Officers from the SPCA of Niagara said Evrard asked his grandmother if she wanted her dog to have a broken neck during a recent visit to her home.

"He let it go for a minute then all of a sudden he grabs the dog, picks it up and slams it on the ground as hard as he can," said Mike Chatt, Evrard's uncle.

The dog, a Lhasa Apso named Abby, is recovering at SPCA of Niagara.

Her owner, 75-year-old Jan Evrard, was forced to surrender the dog to the shelter because she cannot afford the medical bills, Chatt said.

(From WKBW)

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