It would seem that eavesdropping is just a human being thing, but nope.

Grey squirrel yawning

Fun report from Science,

Grey squirrels eavesdrop on birds’ chattering to determine whether an area is safe to forage, US researchers have discovered.Scientists have previously established that squirrels listen out for the calls of nearby predators,

Now researchers at Oberlin College in Ohio wanted top probe further, to see how the squirrel interpret the sounds so they,

 set up speakers nearby that played a recording of the call of a red-tailed hawk, a common predator of both squirrels and small birds. Upon hearing the call, the squirrels responded with typical vigilant behaviours seen when a suspected predator is near: standing up, freezing on the spot or fleeing from the perceived threat.

So, next time you hear a bird call, it might just be a neighborly warning to area squirrels.

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