This is weird, but then again, it's coming from me.  We've gotten to know each other quite well over the past 4 years, right?  You know I can be an odd bird.


I found this list of things you can wash in the dishwasher (besides the obvious intended purpose).  So go ahead and get that winter cleaning out of the way...just be sure to wash your dishes separately....

  • SHOES:  only the ones you can get wet, like sneakers or flip flops.  Keep the dress shoes and pumps out.
  • BASEBALL HATS:  on the top rack, they should keep their shape (my brother used to dry them with the brim tucked into a coffee cup).
  • BRUSHES AND COMBS:  nothing with wooden handles, and make sure to pull off as much hair as you can so it doesn't clog the dishwasher.
  • TOYS:  obviously, nothing electronic or anything with small pieces that could break off
  • GLASS LAMPSHADES from light fixtures
  • YOUR TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER (please do this...that gummy gunk is LOADED with bacteria!)
  • MAKEUP BRUSHES:  put them in the silverware holder
  • SPORTS EQUIPMENT:  if it's plastic, it's probably ok (like soccer shin guards).
  • DESKTOP COMPUTER KEYBOARD:  people online swear it won't break as long as you don't use detergent, but you might need to let it dry out a few days

Wanna know more fun stuff you can put in the dishwasher??? Sure ya do!

What other household "appliance" have you used outside of it's intended purpose?

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