I took French in high school, but as you probably guessed, I've forgotten most of it.  However, I am very fluent....in DOG.

As it turns out, so are YOU.  And you didn't even know you were bilingual, did you?

A new study says you actually DO speak "dog", even if you didn't think you could.  Researchers found people have a remarkable ability to actually interpret what our dog's different growls mean.


They had people listen to recordings of dogs growling and barking

  • while they played
  • guarding their food
  • facing a stranger they thought was threatening

People correctly identified what the dog was barking or growling at...which is actually quite higher than the level of random chance!

And chalk another win up for the ladies...women were better at speaking "dog" than men.  That part didn't surprise me as much though.  When you hear your baby cry or your child whine, you almost immediately know what KIND of cry or whine that is.  We're very in tune with that...you hear women say "that's a HUNGRY cry" or "that's a TIRED whine" a lot.

Could you always tell what kind of cry/whine your kid was making?

Do you always know what your dog wants?  Like Baxter? :)

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