Yanny? Laurel? Which one did you hear? Want to know which one is correct?




People went absolutely nuts over the Yanny and Laurel audio, yesterday. But where did it come from? Who is right? The debate started when a high school freshman in Georgia looked up the word "Laurel" on vocabulary.com When he played the audio back, he swore he heard "Yanny." So if you hear "Laurel" YOU ARE CORRECT!

People who are hearing "yanny" are technically wrong. We know it is hard to accept defeat but it was wild to see how many people were really torn with this. I know my daughter, Amber heard "yanny." I didn't even tell her the choices. (She is only 7 years old)

The reason some people hear "yanny" instead of "laurel" has to do with how the audio was recorded. The second thing to take into consideration is how your speakers play it back. Also, what frequencies your brain zeroes in on and what you are expecting to hear.

Younger people tend to hear higher frequencies better than older people do.  So young people are more likely to hear it as "yanny" instead of "laurel."

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