After ABC canceled the reboot of the TV Show Roseanne, it looks like the network is trying to keep some of the cast around for a spin-off of the highly rated show.

Just days after ABC canceled the hit TV show "Roseanne" after it's title character Roseanne made racist remarks on Twitter, the TV network is looking to create a spin-off of the show.

According to several reports, Sara Gilbert who played Darlene and was a producer of the show will star in the spin-off. The new show will be based on Darlene's role of being a single mom with two kids.

Other stars of the show including John Goodman, who played Roseanne's husband Dan Connor, is also interested in being a part of the spin-off.

Most of the cast were re-signed to new deals after "Roseanne" was green lit for a 2nd season a couple of weeks ago.

"Roseanne" was slated to take the Tuesday Night slot of the TV show "The Middle" which ended it's series this past spring.

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