We all love our pets, but what lengths would you go to so that you could keep your pet...forever?  Would you spend $50,000 to have Rover cloned?  Yes it's been done, but is it worth it? And is it ethical?

A woman had her toy poodle cloned and got three identical copies, and she is going to continue to do it.  The same company ViaGen Pets - cloned Barbra Streisand's pooch in 2017.

Naturally we don't all have $50,000 to spend on cloning, by the way it's only $25,000 for a cat!

Poodle mom Amy Vangemert said...

'I couldn't be happier. It's the best decision I have ever made. I would clone over and over again. I want these puppies, there's nothing like them.'

She said: 'I have had some serious backlash from people.

'A couple of acquaintances said I was wrong and it was inhumane and there were so many dogs out there that need to be adopted.

'But that's like telling a mother that she shouldn't have her own child when there are children out there who need parents.

By the way...the dogs look identical, but they each have their own personality.

Kind of reminds me of the Michael Keaton film Multiplicity.

(Daily Mail)

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