There are two camps of dog people, one that under no condition will they let their dogs up on the bed; and then those, like me who invite their dog on up.

Yes, they move, snore, and scratch, but guess what?  A recent study out of Connecticut shows that women who invite Fido to snuggle, actually sleep better.

Must admit, Xena (my golden in the picture) has slept at the end of my bed for all of her 11 years, and it does help.  Slept in the other day, and it was so safe to have my best friend snoring near by.


The study also found that:

omen who share their beds with dogs report less disturbed sleep and greater feelings of security and comfort."

If you have a cat, does the same thing apply?  Think you know the answer to this one, right?  Cats (I have two, Zeppo and Groucho) think we humans are here for them.  The study found.

that men and women who sleep with cats did not show those benefits and reported disrupted sleep as much as women who share a bed with a human


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