Can you believe people are still stealing cars? With GPS systems and On Star in most vehicles, how would anyone even have the gull to do something like this?



This story happened in Michigan. A woman had her Lexus stolen last week. She filed a police report and then was driving around in a rental.One day after her car got stolen, she pulled up to a convenience store for gas and spotted her car.

She then got out of her rental car, and into her stolen car. (Not sure if she had a spare key or knew a code to get into it) When the man who stole her Lexus saw she was stealing it back, he stole her rental car.

Do you have a headache yet? I do!

The man who stole her car was an 18 year old named Jaysean Porter. The woman called the police to let them know she got her car back and her rental was back at the convenience store. The police caught up with the stolen rental about 85 miles up the road.

He was charged with unlawfully driving away a motor vehicle and carjacking.

The woman will not be facing charges for stealing her car back and abandoning a rental car.



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