Farmers in Niagara County were among the hardest hit by the flooding and hail that pounded the area last week.

The Seabert Family in particular is facing the harsh reality that that last week's storm wiped out most of their farm.

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NEWS 4 (WIVB-TV) reports that after hearing of their plight, Kenmore Farmer’s Market manager Lauren Willet-Benson realized area shoppers should be made aware of the family's situation.

“When farming is not just a hobby, but a livelihood, and you can see the financial consequences of that, as the months go in in the season,” said Lauren Willett-Benson. “I just felt like as a community people would want to know and come out and support.”

Willett-Benson sharing the Seabert family’s story on social media asked shoppers to swing by the market and buy the family’s produce, to help get them land back on their feet. The response reportedly was overwhelming. They will still have items for sale, but their crops won’t give out anywhere near the volume they normally do.

“A lot of people volunteer their time to come down and help,” said Seabert. “Just clean up, or try to clean up some plants, help replant things. A lot of people just want to reach out and just tell us that they’re there for us if we need anything.”

And while the Seibert's try to figure out what is salvageable, they will be working hard to sell their salvageable product.

Being a lifelong Niagara County resident, I am very familiar with Lockport's Seabert Family Farm and have personally enjoyed the great products they provide the Niagara Frontier.


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