Tomorrow is going to be a big day for one local television station.

It will be the beginning of a new era as WKBW Channel 7 announced that they will be launching a new studio on Monday morning.

WKBW was first founded in 1957 when Clinton Churchill, the original owner of the 50,000-watt radio station WKBW 1520 AM, was granted the license to operate a TV station.

WKBW-TV premiered as ABC's new Buffalo affiliate when it went on the air on November 30, 1958.

Besides the change of the studio, you might want to be watching Channel 7 on Monday Night. As the dispute between Spectrum and Disney continues. Currently, as of this writing, Spectrum has pulled ESPN off its platform leaving many football fans out of luck for the Monday Night Football game.

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The good news is that if you live in Buffalo you will be able to watch the Bills season opener on WKBW. The local station has aired the Bills games on ESPN locally for the past several years giving Bills Mafia members who don't have ESPN a chance to watch their hometown team on a local channel.

The Bills start their season on the road in New Jersey taking on the Jets.

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