In the matter of who's in charge at home when it comes to the is usually a shared responsibility.

But apparently dads are the ‘pushover’ at home, except when it comes to disciplining for ‘bad’ behavior, a study has found.

Moms are most likely to put their foot down over the time spent watching TV or playing computer games, and what kids are consuming, especially before bedtime..

But dads are most often responsible for dealing with their children’s behavior and discipline.

The stats emerged in a study by children’s vitamins Wellkid, which also revealed four in 10 say they and their partner often adopt a ‘good cop, bad cop’ approach to parenting.

Parents appear to take a team approach to raising kids, with one parent being the "stricter" of the two.

“And it seems mums are taking that title, with the results showing they are most likely to be the ones getting their children to do everything they should be doing, whether that’s their homework, eating a balanced diet or simply not spending all day glued to a screen.


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