When I was a teen, during the summer, my mom had no idea where I was.  I mean it!  My daughter's Joelle and Jacqueline, can't believe it.   It was a different time.  Sometimes, I think we had it better.  But, in 2018 there are definitely some things you can do to ensure that your kids stay relatively safe this summer.

According to the University of Utah Health you want to think of your kids,

"...just like with babies, you want to lock up the things you don't want your teens getting into."

One, lock up all of the booze, yep even that vino in the refrigerator.  The same thing for those prescription medications. The article also adds,

"If your teen is like most, they probably have a phone. If you haven’t yet now is the time to talk about responsible phone use. That means no use while driving. No texts. No Snapchat posts. No calls. They need to know that if they are behind the wheel, the phone is not in use."

One good thing about 2018 apple phones is that today's parent can have a pretty good idea of where there teen is, check out the findmyiphone app.


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