It's coming up soon -- the 70% partial solar eclipse will be view-able in WNY on August 21. Are you ready?

You'll need to use special glasses to view it safely! Click here to find out where you can get a free pair.

And here's some fun facts about solar eclipses from The Planets:

Sun eclipse
  • Each year there are between 2 and 5 solar eclipses.
  • The speed of the Moon as it moves across the Sun is approximately 2,250 km (1,398 miles) per hour
  • From either the North or South Pole, only a partial solar eclipse is able to be viewed.
  • A total solar eclipse can last a maximum of 7 minutes and 30 seconds.

When will there be a TOTAL solar eclipse view-able in WNY?

It might not be a bad idea to put April 8, 2024 7:20 pm in your calendar now, as that is the exact moment we will be experiencing a full solar eclipse view-able in Buffalo, NY. 

According to NASA, here's the full path of the 2024 solar eclipse, and it looks like WNY will have a great view.

Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA

If you can't wait until then, there will be a partial solar eclipse on August 21 of this year, with the maximum (partial) eclipse happening at approximately 2:33 pm, according to Time & Date.

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