This may seem like the plot for a reality TV show (hey wait that's an idea, eh I'm sure someone has already done it)...

It’s embarrassing and infuriating to get arrested, not that I would know, or remember. But what is even worse would be getting arrested for a crime you didn’t even know exists.

Imagine going through your life and doing normal things, or things that you and your friends would describe as normal when a policeman from nowhere comes and arrests you for doing something you’ve done all your life.

Or even playing a joke on someone and being told that there is a law against that. There are things you need to think twice before doing if you want to keep on the innocent side of a jail cell.

The laws featured here may or may not be applicable in Western New York, or your area, but do actually exist.

It should also be stated that these offenses and the subsequent arrests are often up to an officer's discretion.

Have a look at some weird things that could get you arrested...


Weird Things That In Some Places Can Get You Arrested


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