We have had some serious humidity recently. It can be unbearable! Here are some foods to cool you off!


You would probably think ice cream, watermelon, or Popsicle, but you couldn't be more wrong! Don't worry, I thought the same thing!

This may sound weird, but soup or anything hot on a hot day will help. Why? Because it tricks your body into sweating. When you sweat, you cool off.

1. Anything with peppers in it. Again, peppers will make you feel hot at first and eventually cool off because you are sweating.

2. Spinach! I know this seems weird but is has been known to lower blood pressure which will keep you cool.

3. Soup. Again, because it is hot it will make you sweat and sweat will help you cool off!

So, moral of the story? Turn up the heat! The more you sweat, the more you cool off! Stay cool Buffalo!


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