A new "challenge" has been thrown down on social media, and like Kim Kardashian's butt, it's trying to break the internet.

And just as.....stupidly.

Naturally, that had our name all over it!  And your kids have probably already mastered it.  (Except Twitter user Laura...Twitter user Laura's kids will have their MINDS BLOWN when they get home from school...)

The 'Cup Blowing Challenge', though completely harmless, is ridiculously annoying, for both those watching, and those doing. Prepare to be underwhelmed.

Place your bets!

Where we may have our drawbacks, these kids make up for in droves.  Did we miss the class they taught this??

If you (Or your kids!) can successfully do it, please share the vid!  Email, post to our Facebook, or tweet at us @mix96buffalo with #CupBlowingChallenge!


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