The Buffalo Bills are treating this week like any other week even though they might end up playing the Cleveland Browns in the middle of a snowstorm.

With that being said, the team practice outside today, and what Von Miller did will shock you. It looks like Von Miller is that "one guy" that we all see when it is cold and snowing in Western New York.

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Von Miller is a "Wear Shorts when it snows" Guy! That's right, Von Miller was out and about in the cold and snow this afternoon practicing in his shorts.

Mills signed with the Buffalo this offseason after winning a Super Bowl with the LA Rams last year. Miller was traded by Denver to LA before last year's trade deadline. So he is no stranger to cold weather since he played several seasons in Denver with the Broncos before moving to LA.

Now we all know that one "guy" in our lives that wears shorts 24/7 even in the cold and snowy weather. Now we also know that guy is also one of the most feared pass rushers in the NFL.

I guess after seeing Miller in shorts today we can conclude that he will be rocking the short-sleeve no undershirt look on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns.

That is of course if the game is played in Buffalo. As of this writing, the game is set to place here in Orchard Park, but the league along with officials from the Browns and Bills are watching the winter storm closely.

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