It's going to rain on and off for the next few days, and spans of weather like this are (unfortunately) a regular part of late spring/early summer in WNY. For days like this, I find a blanket and a good Netlfix queue are the solution.

I've either finished/in-progress/anticipate watching everything on this list. So far, I'm hitting homeruns with this (and since this is a Netflix only list, Hulu users -- feel free to add The Handmaids Tale to this list too, so worth it).

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    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

    This Tiny Fey written & produced comedy combines all of the fun of the Fey-era SNL and 30 Rock (it also combines many of those shows' former cast members). Season 3 proves this series gets better with every year. There's one great Buffalo Bills punchline that (most) Bills fans can appreciate.

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    The Keepers

    Documentary; released May 19

    If you liked Making a Murderer, The Keepers will be a good bet for you to binge on. Covering the cold case of a murder of a young nun in 1969 Baltimore, this documentary series touches on sex abuse and cover-ups in the Catholic church.

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    House of Cards

    Season 5, now available.

    After more than a year's wait, the 5th season of House of Cards is here. I need to add Season 4 onto my watchlist first though, as I -um- lost my Netflix password for a while, and haven't had the time to invest in the lengthy binge-watch blocks of time that HOC requires.

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    13 Reasons Why

    Season 1, now available

    The peak buzz of the release of 13 Reasons Why may have passed already, but if you haven't had time to watch this drama series about a young girl's suicide -- make the time.

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    Orange Is The New Black

    Season 5; available June 9

    Netflix's women's prison drama is back for a 5th season this week, after crushing our collective souls with some painful character um...eliminations (hey, no spoilers for those of you behind like I am with HOC!). Can't wait to see what's next, and please no one call me this weekend.

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