Winning games means more media coverage for the University of Buffalo men's and women's basketball program.  Go Bulls!


Now that the regular season is done, and both teams heading to the 'Big Dance,' athletic officials are making sense of some numbers.  Channel 4 reports,

" Since March 10th, data compiled by the school's staff shows more than 1,500 stories have been posted online about the men's team, reaching more than 2 billion people. Athletic Director Mark Alnutt calls that "tremendous".

"Let it be about Buffalo for a change," Added women's coach Felisha Legette-Jack yesterday, once she heard that her team would be up against Rutgers in a first round matchup

The men start their NCAA Tournament this Friday against either Arizona St. or St. John's.

Season ticket sales for the men's and women's team were up about 40 percent in 2018-19. Plus, attendance reached 100,000 for the season, that's up from 70,000 last year.  . Alnutt says

"Nationwide, more and more people are starting to read about U.B.What that does, not only for our program, but also for the university, it makes the university more visible," he said. "People are noticing our brand a lot more. It's not just inviting prospective student athletes, but also prospective students."

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