So, if you went to prom how much did you spend on that dress?  Well today according to a, a typical dress can cost from $250-$1000 dollars-GULP!


Despite Hardship, New Orleans Teen Goes To Prom
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Now granted this site is obviously biased, in fact they tell you to start saving six month prior.  What?  Yep, saying,

The average costs for prom can vary by year and region, but if you start planning early, you can save and budget for the prom night of your dreams. Start saving for prom as early as six months ahead of time so that the costs of prom don't sneak up on you.

Then adds the site, there is the cost of shoes, hair, pictures, and flowers. It's kind of nuts, right?

What about teens that can't afford THE dress, well you can help just donate a gently worn dress, click here.

Lastly, for fun, thought we might check out some outrageous prom dresses click here.


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