Well Netflix has done it again, released a film direct to their channel. The latest is the huge hit "Bird Box," with the so, so good Sandra Bullock.

If you haven't seen it, you are like me, a tad late to the party.  But, get in there and watch, or maybe should I say have your blindfold ready.  This is creepy adventure, not quite perfect, but a good scary-popcorn flick.

Sandra Bullock as the lead helps, you really believe that if anyone could survive a global nightmare, she could!  At times the plot seems muddled, still not sure the ending is satisfying.

However, joining Bullock are other great actors such as John Malkovich as a crumpy survivor, and the lovely character of Tom played by "Moonlight's Trevante Rhodes.  Rhodes is certainly an actor to keep watching, blindfolds off ;-)

There is also the vivid colorful cinematography and haunting sound effects that also help upgrade a sometimes clunky script.

Favorite scene the blindfolded car trip to the grocery store, insanely tense.

Love your thoughts-Juli

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