Parents are actually taking an active role in helping select the kind of friends their child has.  This is probably no surprise to those of you with toddlers although some parents won't admit it.

A recent study showed the traits parents would most like to see in their child's friendships, include kindness, generosity and empathy. But what about being sports minded, or hard-working at school?  Those were on the list but not as important.

Only one in five parents feel strongly that their child should have one very best friend, preferring their child to have a wider friendship circle instead.


Almost six in 10 parents admit they make more of an effort with the friends of their children they like, than those they don’t.

It should come as no surprise then that...

65 per cent will go as far as making friends with the parents of the ‘nice kids’ to get the whole family on board.

Parents also are encouraging their kids to have sleep-overs and have some day trips that include their friends.

For a more detailed list of the traits that parents would like their children and their friends to possess click here.


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