One SUNY school will soon be known for just academics.

A new study came out ranking the Top 50 party schools in the country and this SUNY school landed in the Top 10. put out their annual list of party schools in the country and there were a couple of surprise schools on their list.


We all know that big universities like Florida, South Carolina, and Colorado are known for their partying as much as their academics, but one SUNY School made the Top 10 which is a bit shocking.

Most people know SUNY or the State University of New York school system as a great school system to get an education and if you live in New York, you get that education at a good price.

I attended SUNY Brockport and while I had my fun, I never thought of it as a party school. Apparently, I went to school a little too far West of the parties.

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According to this study, SUNY Albany was named the 7th best party school in the country! SUNY Albany got high marks for their diversity when it comes to partying!

Only one other school in New York made the Top 50 and that was Syracuse University. I guess the parties have died down after their basketball and football teams have dropped down to mediocre status.


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